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Find God's Will For You

Licensed True Purpose Coach

What is God's will for you? Can you really discover it? Is it possible to have a happy life in sobriety if you aren't fulfilling your Life Purpose in this life?

I believe each one of us has been gifted a unique reason for living at this moment in time. We each possess a mission we've inherited from Spirit, God, Universe- one we must seek to fulfill if we are to live in alignment with our Higher Power.

The reason so many of us are unclear about our Life Purpose is that we come to learn it through our Soul and not our ego. The ego in fact, may oppose the discovery of your Purpose and its implementation in your life.

We must learn a collaborative approach between ego and Soul  if we are to discover our Purpose and allow ourselves to be guided by it in the most important decisions of our lives.

As a licensed true Purpose coach I will guide you in the 

discovery of your Life Purpose (God's will for you) and 

in the implementation of a plan of action designed to 

help you manifest it in your life.

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