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"Working with Juan has given me the tools to change counterproductive behavior that has been a part of my life for over 70 years! Yesterday, for example, in a matter of hours I had risen out of depression and began to engage in my life again- a challenging, real life I choose-in a way that gave me strength and serenity. I have come out of depression many times before but I had never consciously affected it in such a direct and simple way. My wife got to see this first hand. She was relieved to not feel she had to nurture me. Working with Juan has given my recovery a new has been my rocket into the 4th dimension!"

                                                                                                      David S.

"This shit REALLY works!"

                                                                                                     Andy. W

"Thank God you gave me the tools to connect these very old and sometimes broken parts of myself to my adult and Higher Power. I could very well be back in the grips of my compulsion. Love and empathy ARE the answer!"

                                                                                                      Daniel R

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