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Heroic Love



Do you feel a mile away from the lover who rests a mere inches 

from you?

Gay or straight, for most recovering addicts, intimate connection with 

others- particularly a romantic partner- is both feared and desired.

Love Your

Character Defects

What exactly are character defects?
Why is it so difficult to develop the readiness to entirely engage life without them?

Is there anything else we can do about these pesky, troubling and potentially harmful traits? I believe there is and I have developed a unique methodology to transform them.

Find God's Will

For You


What is God's will for you? Can you really discover it? Is it possible to have a happy life in sobriety if you aren't fulfilling your Life Purpose in this life?

From Victim To Victor



Victim Consciousness is more than just a mindset- it is a psychological prison within which unrecovered addicts sit and from which all recovering people must liberate themselves if we are to     regain our sense of power and create our version of a beautiful life I sobriety.

Victims don't recover!

The Hidden Wisdom Of Resentments

The premise of my work around resentments is that allresentments grant you an opportunity to know your self better, to express your truth, and to deepen your conviction that you are the creative agency responsible for creating your version of a beautiful life in sobriety.

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