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From Victim To Victor

Victims Don't Recover!

Victim Consciousness (VC) is a term that describes a relational dynamic that is at the heart of most of our current suffering. It is an acquired mindset replete with coping strategies for approaching life and relationships borne of various forms of childhood trauma- physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment. Victim Consciousness is so pervasive-most people spend significant amounts of time going in and out of Victimhood- that we unconsciously equate this mindset with normalcy and rarely question it. 

But VC is more than just a mindset- it is a psychological prison within which unrecovered addicts sit and from which all recovering people must liberate themselves if we are to regain our sense of power and create our version of a beautiful life in sobriety.

The defining characteristic of Victim Consciousness, one shared by all of us who filter life through this lens, is the perception that something or someone outside of ourselves is the cause of everything occurring in our lives. Thus, our Inner State-our happiness or unhappiness, serenity or stress, joy or sadness- is dependent on factors outside our control. As ‘victims,’ we feel (believe) that we are at the mercy of a reality we are powerless to influence. In this way, we perpetuate a learned reality from infancy- a time during which our sense of self and safety depended on external sources. As well, we may find it impossible to experience joy, satisfaction or happiness in the present moment.        Instead, we project our desires for these feeling states into a future in which an external validator has become manifest- the home, the award, the relationship, the degree or title, to name just a few examples of what we hope will drown out our unhappiness and bring us fulfillment.

From Victim To Victor is my unique program for developing a new consciousness- one sure to transform your relationship to reality, to yourself and to others, so you can experience yourself as the self-responsible creator in charge for generating the outcomes you most desire for your life in sobriety. My approach to VC will grant you tools to replace the relational dynamic at the heart of VC- the Victim Triangle with its roles of Victim, Rescuer and Perpetrator- with an empowering dynamic that can generate greater harmony and intimacy in all of your relationships and present you with the possibility of living abundantly absent drama in your life.

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