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Love Your Character Defects 

A New Path To Emotional Sobriety

Most recovering people have an adversarial relationship with their character defects. First we uncover them, then we share them with others and with our Higher Power, then we work to eliminate them from our lives (or we pray for them to be “lifted”). This approach is encapsulated in the program aphorism "Uncover, Discover, Discard." Yet, despite our efforts, many of our defects persist and retain the power to derail our experience of living. 


Why are some (if not all) character defects so pesky? What are your two or three most troubling “character defects?” How exactly is your life, your work or               capacity to pursue work, or your relationships affected when these personality traits emerge in reaction to life’s triggering events?

   Now, take a moment to envision how your life would be                                      transformed in the absence of these shortcomings. What would change? Who          would benefit? How would the quality of your life and your relationships be            affected?

The spiritual transformation we  seek as recovering people working a 12-step program of recovery results, in large measure, not only through the cessation of our compulsive behavior, but through the dissipation of our most troubling reactions to life as we work to incorporate the sixth and seventh steps of the program into our lives. Yet, despite long-term sobriety, most of us are still occasionally dogged by the emergence of several of our character defects in reaction to specific triggering events.

What exactly are character defects?
Why is it so difficult to develop the readiness to entirely engage life without them?
Is there anything else we can do about these pesky, troubling and potentially harmful traits? I believe there is and have developed a unique methodology to transform them.


Love Your Character Defects- my coaching approach to "...the causes and conditions of your moral, physical and spiritual bankruptcy" will radically transform your understanding of yourself and pave the way to a deepening experience of intimacy with yourself and of emotional sobriety- one only possible when your character defects are no longer running your life!

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