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The Hidden Wisdom Of Resentments

Create Your Version Of A Beautiful Life In Sobriety


How do you create anything? What is your definition of a beautiful life, and how do you create it?

The creative process requires action! One brush stroke, for example, following another; each one learning from the previous one- baby steps that build upon one another and combine over the course of time to generate a work of art. 

As well, we must know ourselves as the responsible agents in charge of what we wish to create. And we must determine what our baby steps ought be on the path of creation. Recognizing the opportunities for taking these baby steps is one of the tasks of an aware creator. 

The premise of my work around resentments is that all resentments grant you an opportunity to know your self better, to express your truth, and to deepen your conviction that you are the creative agency responsible for designing your version of a beautiful life in sobriety.

Resentments help us in another important way. They reveal to you the mindset you must transform for it is guaranteed to interfere with and prevent you from behaving as the creative agency in charge of your life and your results.


The central theme of my work around resentments is that the very thing we learn in our program of recovery we must be rid of if we are to be of use to God and our fellows- resentments (that which threatens our sanity and abstinence)- is itself an opportunity to embody a creator mindset from which to generate baby steps that, when combined, over time, produce your authentic version of a beautiful life.

I hope to demonstrate that every resentment you experience masks a personal truth that, once revealed, offers you an opportunity to move toward authentic self-expression. Each resentment emerges from your Victim Consciousness as the expression of an innate desire thwarted or denied.

Recognizing these innate desires and expressing them in a manner consistent with program principles and in alignment with God’s will for you allows you to become the responsible agent in charge of creating your beautiful life! The more resentments you experience on your journey of recovery, the more opportunities you have to change your mindset, know yourself, and generate baby steps that help you create your desired outcomes.

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