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Why I Wish To Help You

Most outside observers would likely consider my

life prior to starting my recovery a great success. I

graduated from a prestigious university with a degree in mathematics in 1981, then obtained my M.D. from Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1985. That was followed by seven years of arduous training in Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery and a successful career as an academic physician, teacher, author and clinician.

The motivation behind these and other accomplishments, however, was not a passion for them. My need to excel was a manifestation of a profound, though mostly unconscious, fear of disconnection from a narcissistic mother and a family system to whom I had unknowingly outsourced my sense of innate safety.  I secretly felt helpless to admit and embrace my sexuality, or to pursue dreams consistent with my true self. The pain of self-abandonment only worsened as I aged.  Over the course of my life, I discovered and became practiced at several  compulsive soothing strategies that brought harm to me and others around me.

Everything changed on Tuesday, August 7, 2007. With a simple but profoundly scary admission made that day, I was ushered into a a new Universe- one filled with hope and populated by countless others who would support and encourage my process of healing. Having surrendered my profession and my livelihood on that day, I found my way into my first 12-step meeting on Thursday, August 9, 2007. I was home!


I have been abstinent ever since.


Having spent 12+ years of work and study at the intersection of spirituality and psychology, I have come to understand how much of a recovering person's dissatisfaction with life stems from unresolved childhood trauma that has at its core a self-alienation, self-hatred and self-sabotage symptomatic of the absence of self-love.


My objective in working with recovering people of all stripes is not exclusively focused on their attainment of specific goals- employment, relationship, abundance, for example (though these and other goals do become possible), but on the recovery of their capacity to integrate their many parts under the guidance of a compassionate, loving adult Self. It is the absence of this core (of Self-love) that manifests with persistent dissatisfaction with life (even for those who do manage to sustain abstinence). All life goals goals will naturally become achievable for those who have learned to reparent their aching inner children who live trapped in enduring, unresolved memories of past hurts.


My coaching is dedicated to helping you discover and recover this innate capacity to become your own source of the parental love that was missing in your life and to experience the soothing transformative easing of fears that follows.

Fully-certified since 2012, I’ve developed an unique system of developmental coaching that thrives at the intersection of psychology and spirituality. I will guide you in the recognition and development of internal resources that will help you to overcome self-generated obstacles to pursuing your deepest desires for your life in sobriety.

In working with me, you will move beyond the stalwarts of traditional coaching- accountability, new perspectives, and new habit development. These tools cannot provide you the deep internal change and resilience that you require to overcome the legacy of trauma and addiction that keeps you from the relationship you desire, the stability to remain sober in a chaotic world, and the life that awaits you when you are no longer driven by fear nor stuck in repetitive dysfunctional patterns. 

I will offer you tools to create a deep and lasting transformation. You will develop a new consciousness from which to generate solutions to your most troublesome internal obstacles- those that keep you from living and loving without fear.

Are you ready to step into a deeper connection and dialogue with your emotions and reactiveness- to extract the messages and back stories contained in your most dreaded adversaries (fear, addictive yearnings, defects of character)- and to birth, nurture and develop the presence of a Higher Self capable of the one thing necessary for the soothing of your woundedness- the love of Self?

I have been successfully coaching clients achieve a deepening intimacy (with themselves and others) and to create abundant lives in sobriety throughout the Los Angeles area and beyond.

You too can learn to Live and Love without unnecessary fear!

  • I'm a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach.

  • I'm a Licensed True Purpose Coach.

  • I'm a trained Voice Dialogue facilitator.

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