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OK, I'm Sober... Now what?

Illuminating the Return To Wholeness, Passion, Power and Intimacy for Recovering People Seeking to Live and Love Without Fear

Create Your Beautiful Life In Sobriety!
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I founded Recovery Solutions Life Coaching to help recovering people create lives of joy and self-acceptance, and to overcome internal obstacles to abundance, self-worth and intimacy in sobriety.


I guide my clients to live free from unnecessary fear, to reclaim a healthy sense of power- the power to create a life of their choosing and to live authentically- to find safety, lasting connection and deepening intimacy with those they love. 

My name is Juan Moscoso and I am a recovering addict.  I have been abstinent since beginning my journey of recovery on August 7, 2007.


How I Can

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Abstinent... Now What?

Having endured the rigors of early sobriety in pursuit of a new foundation for living- abstinence- I ask you... Is your life ready to take flight? Are you actively creating the closest approximation of your ideal life, or is the legacy of your childhood trauma and neglect still interrupting the full expression of your heart's yearnings for connection, intimacy, abundance and freedom from unnecessary fear?

If this is the case, your life may look like this...

You are constantly frustrated by repetitive behavior which stems from fears (some of which you recognized in your 4th step) but have been unable so far to tame.


Relationship, as much as you crave it, is also a source of fear and pain.

You live disconnected from your innate worth; you doubt your value and the merit of your talents and accomplishments. You minimize, brush away or diminish acknowledgments or acts of love and kindness directed at you.

You thirst for validation- to receive from another the soothing signals that would calm a fear of inadequacy. You are "otherated," performing, creating, seek to excel, driven not by a passion for life but motivated, instead, by a desire to please in order to continually mask the pain of childhood neglect and lovelessness. You have come to prefer doing for others as an antidote to the fear of doing for yourself, of authentic self-expression.

You may have developed professionally (or at worst, not at all) and perhaps even accumulated numerous career accomplishments yet feel you "don't belong" or you fear being seen, discovered. You feel like a fraud and fear success as much as you crave it.

You keep yourself small-finding comfort in mentoring (or working with) those whose level of expertise does not trigger a fear of not belonging or being "seen."

You enter into relationships you attempt to control in order to manage your fear of abandonment and the soul-crushing aloneness that harkens back to your earliest years. You foster partnerships with those you can look-down upon, rescue or otherwise manipulate into not leaving. Or you become bonded to those who would mistreat you and disrespect your boundaries.

You feel helpless to resolve relational conflict- you fear speaking your truth, saying "No," disappointing or angering your partner or expressing your wants and needs. Perhaps you are unsure of what your wants and needs are. Your torn by an internal polemic- looking for partnership, for someone to connect to, yet doubting yourself or quickly finding something to criticize in any potential partner.

You feel trapped in jobs or careers that stopped working for you or that you lost your zest for long ago. You feel incapable of generating better circumstances in your life and may believe yourself unable to change- unwilling to leave jobs or relationships that fuel resentment and self-pity.

As you grow older and life becomes increasingly complex, you've developed intensifying anxiety or depression and cannot find your way back to inner peace and serenity.


More and more, your life is ruled by fear... your solution is avoidance.

It is time for change!

You recognize the program of recovery works (and would work for you), yet you find yourself resisting- unable to work the steps or apply the program's principles to your life in recovery.

What you say you most want in your life is also what you most resist (by the way, if this describes you, know there is nothing wrong with you).

You are committed to overcoming barriers to intimacy, honesty, abundance and the manifestation of your heart's desires for your life.

You are ready to transform your abstinence into sobriety.

You are willing to shift the focus of your actions from fear-based avoidance to those passions that are innately yours.

You yearn to discover your True Purpose (God's will for you) and to live your life in alignment with it.

I am here to guide you in this process!

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